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1550 Alonso de la Roa arrives at the Ahualulco valley and baptizes it as “La Estancia de la Roa”.

1562 Juan Fernandez de Hijar bought the land that would comprise the Hacienda from Alonso de la Roa, to give it to his daughter Beatriz de Hijar, who was about to marry Alonso de Bracamonte.

1573 Francisco Merodio de Velasco bought the old Estancia de la Roa from Alonso de Bracamonte and Beatriz de Hijar, thus forming the definitive Hacienda de Santa Maria de Miraflores.

1606 Francisco Merodio de Velasco gave half of the land to his daughter Isabel de Velasco as a dowry when she married Gabriel del Aguila (they built the “Casa Grande”).

1630 The Hacienda was inherited by Diego del Aguila and Rodrigo de Carvajal, sons of Isabel de Velasco and Juan del Aguila. Diego del Aguila passed away and Rodrigo was ordained as a priest, so the hacienda passed to his younger brothers Gabriel and Juana del Aguila (children of Gabriel del Aguila’s second marriage after Isabel de Velasco died). Gabriel (son) managed his part of the Hacienda and that of his sister. When Gabriel del Aguila died, his widow Beatriz de Castro contracted a second marriage with Juan de Castro, who became the guardian of his stepchildren and managed the property for many years together with Juana del Aguila’s husband until their death.

1693 Being Gabriel the only one who had descendants and after his death, his son Juan del Aguila married Francisca de Figueroa and was able to take legal possession of the part that corresponded to him by inheritance from his parents, in addition to the assets of his aunt Juana del Aguila. .

1727 After Juan del Aguila died, Francisca de Figueroa married Juan Gonzalez, but since they had no children, they decided to donate their Hacienda de Santa Maria de Miraflores to the religious order of the Discalced Carmelites in exchange for a life pension. It was on this date that it was renamed Hacienda Del Carmen.

1828 The Carmelites were excellent administrators of the hacienda lands, however, as a result of the war of independence, they were unable to continue running this hacienda and others that they had in the valley, so it was decided to lease it to the peninsular Jose Antonio del Flat, for 5 years.

1832 Once the previous contract ended, they leased the farm to Alejandro Aldrete, a resident of Etzatlan, for 5 years. (Contract was extended for another 7 years).

1844 The hacienda was handed over to the new tenant Rafael Ignacio Tapia, who in 1856 bought the farm from the Reverend Fray Joaquín de San Alberto.

1863 Having been late with large amounts for the purchase of the hacienda, an embargo trial was initiated against Rafael Ignacio Tapia, for which it was auctioned off and acquired by Florentino Cuervo.

1883 Ramirez, widow of Cuervo, sold the Carmen hacienda to the Luciano brothers and Mr. Geronimo Gomez Romero, neighbors of Etzatlan.

1887 Luciano Gomez left his children instituted as heirs; Some time later, the estate passed into the hands of Carlota Gómez y del Castillo Negrete (daughter of Luciano) and her husband Francisco L. Corcuera, who were succeeded by their son Luis L. Corcuera, who married Matilde Schiaffino Soto. Rafael L. Corcuera Schiaffino, son of Luis L. Corcuera and Matilde Schiaffino, managed the farm together with his mother and they were the last great owners of Carmen.

1935 After the agrarian distributions, the Hacienda was significantly reduced, so Matilde Schiaffino and her son Rafael L. Corcuera Schiaffino decided to sell what was left of it to Abelardo Buenrostro Merlo.

1954 Abelardo Buenrostro sold the former Hacienda del Carmen to Manuel Gonzalez Albuerne, whose family owned the property for 9 years, when the old big house was practically in ruins.

1964 Pablo Serrano Estrada acquired the farm as an agricultural ranch. But his daughter Martha Serrano Zermeño convinced her father to sell her and her husband Joaquin Baeza del Monte and little by little he managed to raise it from the ruins until it gave it the splendor and dignity it never had before.

1996-2001 The Baeza Serrano family carried out the “respectful” restoration and adaptations, opening it to the public as “Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa” in September 2001

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