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Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa is located in the municipality of Ahualulco de Mercado, 70 km. from the capital of Jalisco.
Address: Ramón Díaz Ordaz #2-1, El Carmen de Ordaz.
The most important tourist sites to visit are the Tequila route and the Guachimontones Archaeological Zone, located in the municipality of Teuchitlán, Jalisco.

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Guachimontones (11 km away)

It is an archaeological site product of a pre-Hispanic civilization since the time of Christ, whose development and cultural complexity dominated the central valleys of Jalisco. The main characteristic that distinguishes it is its particular architectural style defined by ceremonial centers in the form of concentric circles.

As a guest, request information about our guided tours to this archaeological site.

Photographs of the Guachimontones archaeological zone:

Tequila (66 km away)

This fascinating Magical Town, located on the slopes of the volcano with the same name, is only approximately 1 hour from Hacienda El Carmen. In it you will be able to see blue fields full of agave plantations, large distilleries and haciendas.

As a guest, request information about our tours to Tequila.

Photographs of Tequila, Jalisco:

Photos by: Dinorah Ávila

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