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Have an experience of peace and relaxation.
Renew your energy in a space rescued from time.

Our Mission
Our mission is to promote an environment of harmony and peace where service excellence and human warmth are provided in each Spa experience, in a space where time is dedicated to purifying the body, balancing the mind and uplifting the soul.

Our Facilities
Enjoy the relaxing experience of peace and tranquility of the glamorous past while enjoying exquisite massages, balneotherapy treatments, exfoliations, wraps or facials. Begin your treatment by entering a hydrotherapy circuit that will make you feel like the most important and pampered person on this earth (all our services include the hydrotherapy circuit).

Start your ritual with the detoxifying steam that also offers you inhaled eucalyptus therapy. Alternate heat sequences with the pressure shower and try our Jacuzzi, ending with our cold shower. Rest in between periods in our rest areas and refresh yourself with chlorophyll water and tea.

All our services include the Hydrotherapy Circuit (30 min.)

  • Hydrotherapy Circuit 30¬†min.¬†$480.00

Expert and trained hands will give the skin of your face all the care it deserves, working together with the best lines of cosmetics that exist in the professional area, supported by state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

  • Deep moisturizing facial cleansing – 50¬†minutes. $1,1130
    Facial cleansing with exfoliation and deep extraction, based on active products that hydrate and regenerate the tissues, favoring and stimulating the natural biological functions of the skin, and a mask rich in extracts that moisturize and reduce the pores of the skin. Finally, application of a grape tonic, an anti-wrinkle multivitamin ampoule and a moisturizing mask.
  • Cell regeneration facial – 50¬†minutes. 1.380.00
    Facial with active ingredients that hydrate and promote deep extraction, in addition to the application of stem cell cream and serum, whose function is to regenerate the different layers of the epidermis.
  • Deep hydration facial – 50¬†minutes.¬†$990.00
    Deep moisturizing mask based on regenerating products, which also stimulate the natural biological functions of the skin, greatly slowing down the natural processes of skin aging.
  • Natural facial – 30¬†minutes.¬†$670.00
    Facial based on scrubs and masks made with seasonal fruits and vegetables freshly picked from our garden, suitable for each skin type. In addition to yogurt and honey, which generate elasticity and freshness, and are antioxidants.

Fabulous treatments to renew and revitalize the skin.

It is a basic process to clean and remove dead cells, thus preparing the skin to receive the benefits of mud, mud or any other natural active ingredient used in enveloping treatments.

  • Fruit exfoliation – 30¬†minutes. $1,130.00
    Delicious walnut shell scrub that helps restore the freshness and softness of the skin with an energizing action that activates blood circulation. After the exfoliation, a strawberry mask is applied. The treatment ends with a touch of herbal cream.
  • Exfoliation with honey and amaranth – 30¬†minutes. $1,130.00¬†¬†
    Treatment that evens out the texture of the skin with a mixture of honey and amaranth. Enjoy the beneficial and nourishing properties in this exotic experience throughout your body.
  • Hand and foot hydration treatment – 30¬†minutes. $890.00
    Eliminate skin roughness with a peppermint scrub, followed by the application of a moisturizing cream, to seal with a paraffin bath, which causes pore dilation and deep hydration.
  • Exfoliation with volcanic clay and merlot – 30¬†minutes.¬†$870.00
    Clay treatment with exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, together with the properties discovered in the Merlot grape to exfoliate, regenerate and soften the skin. This treatment will result in beautiful, porcelain-smooth skin to the touch, finished with the fine texture of an herbal cream.

INSOMNATHERAPY –¬† 2 hours¬†$2,780.00
All the magic and healing power of nature in complicity with the relaxing atmosphere of this Spa experience, make possible the total relaxation and provocation to sleep that is so necessary to recover the peace and energy spent by the prolonged states of stress to which we are subject to our daily lives. It is recommended to take this treatment in the evenings to go out to dinner and to sleep.

  • Exfoliation with walnut shell mixing water with water from the cooking of 7 chances.
  • Herbal Packaging – 50¬†minutes.
    Enveloping treatment based on lettuce, 7 chances, walnut shell scrub. Finish with a herbal cream.
  • Relaxing tub – 30¬†minutes:
    Delicious hot tub of water mixed with the essence of lavender, lemon balm, bergamot or rosemary accompanied by the rehydrating and relaxing effect of fresh chlorophyll water or 7 chance tea.
  • Relaxing massage – 50¬†minutes:
    Relaxing massage with soothing jasmine oils.

WINE THERAPY PACKAGE –¬†3 hours¬†$4,470.00
Set of treatments based on red wine that have the virtue of rejuvenating the muscles and the skin.
It is also attributed qualities for relaxation through massages with essential oils, or with Merlot wine.

  • Exfoliation with volcanic clay and merlot – 30¬†minutes:
    This treatment exfoliates, softens and helps to regenerate the skin tissues, in addition to reducing inflammation due to the properties of the clay, thus leaving a soft porcelain skin to the touch.
  • Honey and red wine wrap – 50¬†minutes:
    Wrap with the moisturizing, exfoliating, regenerating and softening effect of honey, perfectly combined with the antioxidant and firming properties of merlot wine.
  • Massage with hot red wine and grape seed oil – 50¬†minutes:
    Massage that, with the relaxing benefits and nutrients of the grape, is specially designed to forget about stress and muscle pain.
  • Wine therapy tub – 30¬†minutes:
    Relaxing balneotherapy with wine and warm water. This treatment detoxifies the skin, promotes circulation, acts as an antioxidant and cell regenerator.


HOLISTIC  $4,250.00

  • Hydrotherapy circuit 30¬†min.
  • Deep cleansing and facial hydration¬†50 min.
  • Clay and merlot exfoliation 30¬†min.
  • Surrounding the garden 50¬†min.
  • Relaxing holistic massage¬†80 min.


  • Hydrotherapy circuit 30¬†min.
  • Mud therapy 50¬†min.
  • Natural facial 50¬†min.
  • Aromatherapy massage 60¬†min.
  • Hydrotherapy circuit¬†30 min.
  • Honey and amaranth exfoliation 30¬†min.
  • Massage with red wine and grape seed oil 50 min.


  • Temazcalli –¬†2.5 hours.¬†$1,100.00¬†(price per person)
    Purification ritual of the Aztec Indians also applied to detoxify the body by starting a series of healing treatments of naturopathic medicine, (prior reservation minimum group of 6 people).
  • North Indian Hot Stone Massage –¬†80 minutes.¬†$1,805.00
    Obsidian stones previously heated with steam and anointed with fine natural oils, gently gliding through all the muscles of your body, providing relaxation and decontraction of the most stressed areas and balancing energy and promoting sleep.
  • Sword massage –¬†30 minutes.¬†$740.00
    Massage dedicated to relaxing the tension and muscle pain of the neck, shoulders and back, with the techniques applied to ensure that your body, muscles and bone system relax and rest, favoring restful sleep.
  • Landowner’s massage (Chiapas technique). 2¬†hours¬†$2,180.00
    Deep holistic treatment, in which all areas of the body are worked to help release the energy charge accumulated by stress and close cycles.
Hours: from 9:00 a.m to 8:00 pm Reservations subject to availability. It is recommended that you bring a bathing suit and sandals to your treatment. Please do not enter with accessories. Does not include tip. Rates in MXN (Tax included), subject to change without prior notice.
Reservations by phone at: 800 561 4053 and via WhatsApp at: 386 105 4712

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